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Words changed meaning less frequently before the advent of radio and television, and when they did change, the transformation could be slow (as seen with "gay" above).It took over a hundred years for the primary meaning of the verb "want" to change from "lack" to "desire".Television sped things up: it took only a few weeks in the 70s for the meaning of "boob" to change from "dummy" to "breast" among the general public.

After decades of being used as an insult, "retarded" is now considered so offensive that some people want it classified as hate speech.

"Cock" is not dirty all the time, that's one of those words that's only partly filthy.

Cock, if you're talking about the animal, it's perfectly all right!

Compare with Hilarious in Hindsight, of which this is arguably a Sub-Trope.

See also Double Entendre or Intentionally Awkward Title for when this trope is invoked entirely intentionally, Separated by a Common Language for the spatial analogue, and Get Thee to a Nunnery for the reverse process.

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