Save cydia apps when updating error validating userid ticket

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Save cydia apps when updating

You can also just disable that altogether and just manually fetch your mail. There are a lot of extended life batteries from different brands, just pick the one that suits you best.

A manual i Phone backup might be your last resort in some cases when i Tunes fails to backup your information or if your i Phone fails to restore or connect to i Tunes.

If you have been a jailbreak fan like me then I can understand the kind of dilemma you must have been facing whenever Apple launched a new version of their i OS, because every time you upgrade your i OS to the latest version you will lose out on the jailbreak apps and settings of your i Phone.

However, in this articles we are going to help you out with a small method or app which will help you to save cydia tweaks and save cydia settings while updating the i OS of your smartphone.

Keep a note that you don’t like to disable location services specially when you are travelling, as if you misplace your i Phone, you can use find my i Phone service to locate your phone. The advanced motion and 3D effects are cool looking but do not add much functionality to your phone. Push email means that your mail app will listen for incoming mail and “push” it out to your phone as soon as it arrives.

Instead, disable Parallax by looking under Accessibility in the General section of Settings. They may not be as fun, but they’ll help you improve your i Phone’s battery life. This can be quite the battery drain, so if you’re not really waiting for an important email to arrive it may be better to fetch your email every hour or so instead. i OS 7 now automatically updates apps for you as soon as new versions are released. Instead, choose when to update your apps by going to the Updates settings in i Tunes and App Store under settings. Buy an extended battery pack If you’d rather lose battery life than turn off services that are essential to you, maybe it’s time to invest in an external battery instead.

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This kind of backup is useful in some situations when your i Phone can't connect to your i Tunes for any reason or any i Phone problem, and you want to backup or recover some or all your i Phone music, i Phone photos or any other Cydia applications.

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