Updating foreign key Free unregistered cam chat

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Updating foreign key

INITIALLY DEFERRED Specify INITIALLY DEFERRED to indicate that this constraint is DEFERRABLE and that, by default, the constraint is checked only at the end of each transaction.

im in floor #2 ,my room is 205 and I mistook it for room 215, since both rooms are on floor #2 i could choose either, but that doesnt mean its my room)...should i leave the composite key still and update cascade, or create a unique conrtaint on that composite key and add a surrogate key as PK...thanks?please reply sooon yours faithfully, SACHIN JAIN for one solution.Alternatively, you can use deferred constraints as well.when you wanted to verify that your update is commitable (eg: in your example, you could use set constraints to test the constraints to see if the commit will succeed or fail) October 26, 2002 - am UTC try the commands yourself. Or search for "set constraints" (with quotes) for other threads where this has been discussed. Tom: well as you know judgements keep changing as system requirements keep developing. anyway it seems to that you always should defer a foreign key constraint when you need to update parent table.Thanks, update drt555 set procnum,='888' 2* where procnum='777' and lcncod='PHX' update drt555 set procnum='888' * ERROR at line 1: ORA-02291: integrity constraint (YD.

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